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Sleep Better When You Travel
The First Fully Adjustable Travel Pillow
The Trtl Pillow Plus is the premium adjustable, ergonomic and breathable travel pillow. Customise your comfort with Trtl Pillow Plus. Traditional travelling pillows have never been effective, but we are confident that the Trtl Pillow Plus is the best inflight pillow. Plush foam padding is means this neck pillow is more comfortable than the plane head rest. Breathable materials help to regulate temperature.
  • Height Adjustable, with adjustable toggles.
  • Ergonomic Neck Support, with plush foam padding.
  • Temperature Control, with in-built breathable materials.
  • Machine Washable, keep your pillow fresh for each trip.
  • Lightweight and Compact, easy to pack and travel with.
Here’s What People Are Saying:

Kickstarter Review, AntOgo

 Love the adjustable height function..very clever👌🏼. Exactly what I needed. Even my inflatable pillow still causes neck pain this is actually very smartly engineered! I received mine last night and I'm flying today.... perfect timing. Thanks.

Kickstarter Review, Maria

Had an overnight flight in December and was really looking forward to using my Trtl. It went beyond my lofty expectations, between the Trtl and the ZzzQuil I took I slept like a rock for the entire 4 hour flight. Up until now I have always had trouble sleeping when sat on the left side of planes (it's a weird quirk I know, but very real) and on this flight I was asked to switch from my preselected right side seat to the left side (both window). Thought to myself that if the Trtl was any good, it would help even in this situation, and it sure did.
Complete Neck Support - No More Nodding Dog! 
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